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Hyundai Australia VelosteRaptor

Have you seen the Hyundai Australia VelosteRaptor prototype? Features the BMC Air Filter Oval Trumpet Airbox (OTA) high performance aspiration and filtration kit. BMC OTA kits are available for road and race cars. Many vehicle specific models are available as well as a range of universal fit models. See the... Read More

NEW from BMC Air Filter – CARBON RACING FILTER – CRF668/01

Complete Carbon Fibre Air Box for Ferrari 458 Italia. (458 ITALIA 4.5 V8 VCT 2010 on.) Full carbon 100% handmade in Italy, extreme performance, up to 20+ HP …. The CRF668/01 Carbon Racing Filter is a full complete airbox kit. 7% more air volume, 15% less weight and double cone... Read More

High Performance 4WD Air Filters from BMC

BMC Air Filters, designed and manufactured in Italy, have announced a new range of high performance air filters for Australian 4WD vehicle applications. The new range includes OE replacement air filters for a wide variety of 4WD vehicles, including Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol and Navara, Ford Ranger and... Read More

High Performance Air Filters from BMC

BMC Air Filters are the most successful filter in many motorsport categories including Formula1 Champions 9 times, 11 Le Mans 24 Hours titles, 8 of the last 9 Australian V8 Supercar Championships and 8 Bathurst 1000’s wins. Since 1996 BMC Air Filters have equipped some of the most important teams... Read More

Scary Golf! – Volkswagen Golf R with BMC CRF Kit

It only takes 5.1 seconds for the Golf R prepared by Italian Sports Car team Moreno Soli Racing, to go from 0 to 100 km/h, and 13.6 seconds to travel the standing 400 metres. Until a few years ago these were real supercar times. Today however these times have been... Read More

Oval Trumpet Airbox (OTA) for 4WD applications from BMC Air Filters

The Oval Trumpet Air box (OTA) is a high performance aspiration and filtration kit from BMC Air Filters. It is fully designed and manufactured by the BMC race division in Italy, the same team which is constantly developing new air filtration systems for teams in many motorsport categories including Formula... Read More