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BMC vs The Others

A customer recently upgraded to BMC Air Filters in his BMW E60 M5 V10 from the “other brand” he had been running.

BMC Air Filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than other filters, increasing performance. We believe a picture is worth 1000 words !!!!!

BMC Air Filters generally have the smallest rubber infringement in the market, thus allowing the maximum filtering surface. Look at the filtration area on ALL sides in this photo.

BMC Air Filters are also produced with no joins that can cause breakages or deformation, and the air filter fits perfectly into any air box shape. (Unlike some others!).

Produced from materials suitable for the performance demanded, BMC uses a compound of resins which make the filter harder, and avoids filter sucking into the airbox (Unlike some others!)

Thanks to Tigersoft Performance

BMC vs other brands